1.00 p.m.


Dear blog,

I still awake while my room mate is sleeping. I really tired but I am so happy because I experienced another great day in Penang. I have a great friends and eat a great food (my weight will increase a lot but I will do diet…in my dream :-)). 



These pictures were taken during yesterday’s seminar. All of them did not know when the pictures were taken because they were unconscious. Indeed, we can see that the sleeping style shows their personality. As for Pey, the style show that he is a efficient person, still can did meditation though fall asleep. Abe represented a person who informal but serious one. For Ardie, he is a multitasking person that can sleep and think in the same time. Regarding to these samples, you can know people well not only by talk with them but also from the way of sleep 🙂

Kelimutu Lake



The Kelimutu Lake located at Ende Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia is famous because of its beauty. Indeed, this lake has three different colours; dark red, turquoise and dark blue that change periodically based on volcano activity.

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